Brilioth, Helge and others: Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, Karlfeldt Songs

        Wilhelm Peterson-Berger
        Wilhelm Peterson-Berger
karlfeldtEAN: 7393338166122                     Performer:
        Helge Brilioth
        Erland Hagegård
        Sven Alin
        Jan Eyron

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CDA 1661-2 Helge Brilioth, Erland Hagegård, Sven Alin, Jan Eyron: Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, Karlfeldt songs, "Inget är som väntanstider" (Time of Waiting).

Karlfeldt and the gifted poet Erik Axel Karlfeldt were close friends. Many songs, among them "Time of waiting" are very famous in Sweden. Peterson-Bergers songs are very characteristic and it is obvious that he is influenced by folksong. Translations of all songs included.

  • Wilhelm Peterson-Berger (1867-1942)
    Fridolins visor
    - Moon hymn
    - You Smile
    - A hop-Picker's Ballad
    - Jorum
    - Time of Waiting

    Fridolins lustgård
    - Castle Unrest
    - May in Mungal
    - Your eyes are Flames
    - A Billowby Waltz
    - Reel from Dalecarlia
    - Mister Acorndale
    - In Coppervane Inn
    - A Madrigal

    Vildmarks och kärleksvisor
    - Imagined Happiness
    - Serenade
    - The legend of Rosalinde
    - A fiddler's tune

    Fyra muntra visor
    - Young Soldier's Tune
    - Song after Harvest
    - Sergeant Berg
    - Selinda and Leander

    Song of the Vagrants

    - Wandering
    - Old Rigmarone
    - Bumble-bees

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