Norrköpingskvartetten: Erik Gustaf Geijer & Andreas Randel: Works for String Quartet

        Erik Gustaf Geijer
        Andreas Randel

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CDA 1829-2 Erik Gustaf Geijer & Andreas Randel: Works for String Quartet

Geijer was one of the prominent figures in the formation of Götiska förbundet (The Geatish Society), who took the task of promoting archaeology, but also Swedish patriotism. As editor of the society’s magazine, he published his own poems in the spirit of the time and also his music settings of these. Geijer showed early a great talent for music and studied at times with different teachers. Although he seems to have considered to attempt a career in music, it remained an activity for spare time. His mind was for chamber music and the smaller format, as well as songs. In 1816 the first piano trio was created and in 1822 the first two string quartets in F Minor and B flat Major, and during the rest of the decade, among other things, a piano quintet, a piano quartet and two violin Sonatas.

Randel was a Swedish musician and composer. As concertmaster at the Royal Opera Orchestra he arranged and composed music for some 20 plays. Especially famous is his composition and arrangement of F A Dahlgren’s play Värmlänningarna (1846), which for many years was a loved and recurrent feature of the repertoire of the Stockholm Opera. He also composed four violin concertos, overtures and chamber works. The violin concertos are written in a French virtuoso style while the chamber music is influenced by the late style of Haydn and the early of Beethoven. Among the chamber works there are three string quartets and several solo pieces for violin. The songs and romances are held in a more intimate romantic style, also occuring with his contemporaries such as Almqvist and Lindblad.
Dag Kyndel

  • Erik Gustaf Geijer (1783-1847)
    String Quartet No. 2 in B Flat Major

    I. Allegro moderato assai
    II. Molto vivace

    III. Andante quasi
    IV. Finale

  • Andreas Randel (1806-1864)
    String Quartet in F minor

    I. Allegro moderato

    II. Scherzo Vivace
    III. Adagio con espressivo
    IV. Allegro scherzando

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