Maria Kihlgren, Piano: Nordic Master Composers

        Edvard Grieg
        Jean Sibelius
        Wilhelm Stenhammar
        Carl Nielsen
Maria KihlgrenEAN: 7393338184225                     Performer:
        Maria Kihlgren

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CDA 1842-2 Maria Kihlgren, Piano

My earlier CDs, with the exception of a personal portrait recorded in 1990, have special themes. One of them, Music from the Mediterranean (Sterling CDA 1664-2), contains music by composers from countries bordering on the Mediterranean.
Another, Romantic Silhouettes (Sterling CDA 1680-2), is a cross-section through a century of Romantic music by composers from central Europe.
The present disc, Nordic Master Composers, includes four major works by some of the Nordic countries’ top composers. As I live in that part of the world myself, it felt right to make a record of Nordic music – even if no Icelandic works are featured. All the composers are different in character, but they still have a musical style in common. /Maria Kihlgren

  • Edvard Grieg (1843-1907)
    Ballade in a form of Variations G minor, Op. 24 (1875)

  • Jean Sibelius (1865–1957)
    Six Impromptus Op. 5 (1893)
    - 1. G minor (Moderato)
    - 2. G minor (Lento - Vivace)
    - 3. A minor (Moderato - Alla marcia)
    - 4. E minor (Andantino)
    - 5. B minor (Vivace)

    - 6. E Major (Commodo)

  • Wilhelm Stenhammar (1871-1927)
    Three Fantasies Op. 11 (1895)
    - 1. B minor (Molto appassionato)
    - 2. E Major (Dolce scherzando)
    - 3. B minor / B Major (Molto espressivo e con intimissimo sentimento)

  • Carl Nielsen (1865–1931)
    Theme with Variations Op. 40 (1916)

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