Juon, Paul: Orchestral works Vol.1

        Paul Juon
JuonEAN: 7393338110323                     Performer:
        Moscow SO
        Christof Escher

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CDS 1103-2 Paul Juon (1872-1940), Vægtervise, Symphony A major Op.23

Paul Juon, who lived primarily in Russia and Germany, was labeled the 'Russian Brahms' already in his lifetime. The prevailing Russian tone of Juon's music, plus the influence of Brahms, cannot go unnoticed by the listener.
Juon was a contemporary of Alexander Scryabin and Ralph Vaughan Williams and like these otherwise very different composers Juon was situated between late-Romanticism and the dawn of Modernism. He shared with Scryabin a preference for piano miniatures and like Vaughan Williams Juon was influenced strongly by the folk songs in his environment, without really becoming a 'folklorist'

    Paul Juon (1872-1940)
  • Vægtervise (Fantasy on Danish Folk Songs) Op.31

  • Symphony A major Op.23
    - I: Come Passacaglia

    - II: Scherzo

    - III: Romanza

    - IV: Finale

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