Olsen, Ole: Asgaardsreien, Symphony in G, Suite for string orchestra

        Ole Olsen

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Ole OlsenEAN: 7393338108627                     Performer:
        Latvian National SO
        Terje Mikkelsen

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CDS 1086-2 Ole Olsen (1850-1927): Asgaardsreien op.10, Symphony in G op.5, Suite for string orchestra, Op.60. Latvian National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Terje Mikkelsen.

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At the age of 29, in 1879 Ole Olsen went on his first international tour, conducting his music in Leipzig, Cologne and Paris. The main work on this tour was Op.10 Asgaardsreien (The ride of Asgaard) which was wery well received. This encuraged him to extend his travelling for another two years touring Wienna and during this time made useful contacts with Liszt, Brahms and Goldmark. His catalogue includes music for a wide variety of occations and instrument combinations. His Symphony in G is the only symphony but he composed a lot of songs and cantats and a number of occational pieces.

    Ole Olsen (1850-1927)

  • Asgardsreien Op.20

  • Symphony in G major Op.5
    - Allegro maestoso

    - Allegro
    - Andante
    - Andante quasi adagio

  • Suite for String Orchestra Op.60
    - Song
    - Northern Light and Ice Field

    - Spring
    - Dream
    - Among the Gypsies
    - Dwarfs and Elves
    - Sunset

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