Flotow / Offenbach - Works for Piano and Cello

        Friedrich von Flotow
        Jacques Offenbach
Flotow / OffenbachEAN: 7393338168621                     Performer:
        Carl Petersson
        Estera Rajnicka

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CDA 1686-2 Flotow / Offenbach - Works for Piano and Cello

Throughout this time Friedrich von Flotow was giving piano lessons as well as performing as a pianist in the Paris salons. In 1838 he met a seven year younger penniless cellist of exceptional talent named Jacob Eberscht, a jewish cantor's son from Cologne, which although admitted to the Paris Conservatorie, could not continue his studies due to the lack of funds. Flotow promised that he would secure Eberscht access to the salons and offered him to collaborate with him. Intruduced in this way, Eberscht became well-known, and soon - now under the name of Jacques Offenbach - he gained great fame.
  • Friedrich von Flotow (1812-1883)
    La Mesange

  • Friedrich von Flotow / Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880)
    Au bord de la mer

    Souvenir de bal
    La prière du soir

    La retraite

    Ballade du Pâtre
    Dance norvégienne

  • Friedrich von Flotow
    Valse de Greenwich

    Galop de Servantes
    Letzte rose
    Ach, so fromm

    L'esclave du Camoens

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