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New release for September, 2019
CDA-1837 CDA 1837/38-2 Laila Andersson-Palme: Puccini - Torsca / Hovkapellet - Carlo Felice Cillario

Stage recording from a performance at Kungliga Teatern / Royal Swedish Opera, Stockholm September 20th, 1984.

New release for August, 2019
CDS-1120 CDS 1120-2 Bengt Wilhelm Hallberg (1824–1883) - Concert Overture for orchestra No. 2 F major, Symphony in F / Joseph Dente (1838–1905) - Symphony D minor

Malmö Symphony Orchestra - Per Engström / Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra - Ola Karlsson

New release for June, 2019
CDA-1834 CDA 1834-2 Torsten Mossberg: About every hill and valley

Swedish songs, broadside & ballads from medieval to present, Torsten Mossberg / Stina Hellberg Agback, harp / Jonas Isaksson, guitar

New release for May, 2019
CDO-1118 CDO 1118/19-2 Ölander, Per August: Blenda (A opera in four acts)

Per August Ölander (1824-1886): Blenda (A opera in four acts) Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra - Michael Bartosch / Karin Ingebäck / Mattias Ermedahl / Lars-Erik Jonsson

New release for April, 2019
CDS-1117 CDS 1117-2 Lundquist, Torbjörn Iwan: Nils Holgerssons underbara resa, Gösta Berlings saga

Torbjörn Iwan Lundquist (1920-2000): Adventures of Nils Holgersson, Gösta Berlings saga, three dance movements, Meditation, Legend, Berceuse, The Cavalier's Polska

CDA-1832 CDA 1832/33-2 The art of singing Vol.3, Lars Björling

When my Father Jussi was chosen as the 20th century’s leading male opera singer by English music critics at the turn of the century, we felt great joy and pride in the family. I have spent a great deal of my life exploring the secrets of the Italian bel canto...

New release for January, 2019
CDA-1829 CDA 1829-2 Norrköpingskvartetten: Erik Gustaf Geijer & Andreas Randel: Works for String Quartet

Geijer was one of the prominent figures in the formation of Götiska förbundet (The Geatish Society), who took the task of promoting archaeology, but also Swedish patriotism. As editor of the society’s magazine, he published his own poems in the spirit of the time and also his music settings of these.
Randel was a Swedish musician and composer. As concertmaster at the Royal Opera Orchestra he arranged and composed music for some 20 plays. Especially famous is his composition and arrangement of F A Dahlgren’s play Värmlänningarna (1846)

New release for October, 2018
CDM-3004 CDM 3004-2 Torbjörn Iwan Lundquist: Symphonies Nos.3 & 4

The third symphony was begun in 1971 in Jämtland and was completed in 1975 at Saltö in Bohuslän. As in most of Lundquist´s symphonies, this symphony begins with a primal cell, his association theme, a gust of wind, which unfolds into a grandiose sunrise. Nature means a lot for Lundquist.

New release for September, 2018
CDA-1826/27 CDA 1826/27-2 The art of singing Vol.2, Lars Björling

Lars Björling has spent a great deal of his life exploring the secrets of the Italian bel canto, conveyed by David and his Father, and has reached the conclusion that there are no secrets

New release for July, 2018
CDA-1828 CDA 1828-2 Maria! Maria! 400 Years of Chant in the Birgittine Order

Welcome into the Birgittine sisters’ world of Gregorian chant! Also known as Frälsarorden, the Birgittine Order is the only one with Scandinavian origins.
The material spans more than 400 years, yet forms a coherent repertoire that belongs to the Gregorian chant tradition in all important aspects, with a Birgittine twist.

New release for May, 2018
CDA-1824/25 CDA 1824/25-2 Staffan Björklund-Jullander: Improvisations, Concert Etudes & Meditations

All music (except Bellman) on this double CD is either improvised or composed by Staffan Biörklund-Jullander. Part in a freer form, others with a more solid structure. As a bonus, there is an arrangement of the first movement from Mozart's Symphony No. 40, which he did for choir and piano.

New release for April, 2018
CDA-1818 CDA 1818-2 To Cecilia - Swedish Love Songs

Sankta Cecilia has since the middle ages been regarded as the patron saint of music, and above all the church music. She is portrayed with musical instruments on a variety of paintings and the organ has been her special attribute.

CDS-1116 CDS 1116-2 Jaques-Dalcroze, Émile: Song cycle for voice & orchestra and Orchestral Works

Émile Jaques-Dalcroze composed in almost all genres except religious music. His style and aesthetic approach were characterized above all by his exceptional melodic gift and the originality of his feeling for rhythm.

New release for February, 2018
CDA-1813/16 CDA 1813/16-2 Richard Wagner: Götterdämmerung

This recording of part 4 of Wagner epic work, the Ring, was done in 1987 where Aarhus symphony orchestra and the Jutland choir assist Laila-Andersson Palme and Elliot Palay performing Götterdämmerung.

CDS-1113 CDS 1113-2 Scherber, Martin: Orchestral Works & Songs

Martin Scherber's oeuvre is modest in size. He worked for years on each of his symphonies. In addition, between 1930 and 1937 he composed several song cycles

New release for January, 2018
CDA-1822/23 CDA 1822/23-2 The art of singing, Lars Björling

After a banking career, Lars Björling returned to singing with studies in Rome under Debora Fambri. Here he could get first hand knowledge of bel canto under her safe guidance.

New release for November, 2017
CDS-1115 CDS 1115-2 Beliczay, Julius: Orchestral Works

This is our first Hungarian Romantic CD. Julius Beliczay is a truly sensational but forgotten composer who completely mastered the symphonic art. Much influenced by Robert Schumann and some believe his orchestrations are even better.

New release for August, 2017
CDS-1107 CDS 1107-2 Carrillo, Julian - Orchestral works

This extraordinary musician was born in the village of Ahualulco, San Luís Potosí, on January 28, 1875, the same year as Ravel, Melartin, Gliere and Max d’Ollone. He began his formal studies at the age of ten in the State Capital and later moved to Mexico City to continue his education in the National Conservatoire (Conservatorio Nacional de Música). In 1899 the Mexican government awarded a grant to the young musician, then aged 24, to continue his studies in Europe.

New release for May, 2017
CDA-1820 CDA 1820/21-2 Kurt Weill: A portrait - from Berlin to New York

Kurt Weill was a completely groundbreaking composer in that he, along with Bertolt Brecht developed the characteristic cabaret style (Song) inspired by the American jazz music, minstrel shows and vaudeville with influences from Jewish klezmer music. Tango often played a major role, even in his operas. Often Weill sought after a Verfremdungseffekt, by using odd chords for the key, achieving a kind of desolation and unpleasant feeling.

CDO-1111 CDO 1111/12-2 Laci Boldemann: Black is white - said the Emperor

Sven Nilsson, bass / Gunilla Slättegård, soprano / Laila Andersson, soprano / Tord Slättegård, tenor / Hovkapellet and Operakören conducted by Per Åke Andersson.

New release for March, 2017
CDA-1817 CDA 1817-2 Novosax, Great composers for Mimmo - Works for Saxophone

Sergio Rendine / Luis Bacalov / Lorenzo Ferraro / Cecilia Chailly / Marco Tutino / Giovanni d'Aquila / Ennio Morricone / Giovanni Sollima

CDA-1819 CDA 1819-2 Iwa Sörenson - Poetic & Romantic Songs

Carl Jonas Love Almqvist / Adolf Fredrik Lindblad / Torbjörn Iwan Lundqvist / Ingemar Liljefors / Sven-Eric Johansson / Sven-Erik Bäck / Kerstin Jeppson

New release for February, 2017
CDM-3003 CDM 3003-2 Peter Lindroth - in our time...

Para dos violines (Duo Gelland) / Des Menschen Wort vergeht (Christina Högman/Mats Jansson/Nile Erik Sparf) / Rite now / SXQII (Stockholm Saxophone Quartet) / Night Music (Yoriko Asahara/Mats Jansson/David Swärd/Björn Malmkvist/Bo Pettersson)

New release for July, 2016
CDA-1808 CDA 1808-2 Lennart Hedwall: Love Almqvist - Mitt väsendes ton

Lennart Hedwall spelar Love Almqvist pianostycken från Mitt väsendes ton och Fria Fantasier för piano. Love Almqvist är en av de få ännu aktuella svenska författarna före Strindberg. De flesta av sina skrifter samlade han i universalverken Törnrosens bok där han ville förena 'piktur, musik och skriptur' tillsammans...

New release for June, 2016
CDO-1108/10 CDO 1108/10-2 Wilhelm Stenhammar (1871-1927), Gillet på Solhaug, Op 6

Lyrical drama in three acts after the play Gildet paa Solhaug by Henrik Ibsen with Per-Håkan Precht, Karolina Andersson, Matilda Paulsson and Fredrik Zetterström

New release for February, 2016
CDA-1806/07 CDA 1806/07-2 Laila Andersson-Palme: Opera arias - Songs and lieder.

När Laila Andersson-Palme sjöng sin sista föreställning på Operan i rollen som Electra den 4 maj 1996, pryddes rollelistan av ett färgfoto med sångerskan och ett hundratal klaverutdrag.

New release for December, 2015
CDA-1809/10 CDA 1809/10-2 Siv Wennberg - A Great Primadonna - Vol.7 Recital from Skansen - Recital from the Stockholm Opera House

Peterson-Berger / Wiklund / Grieg / Strauss / Ponchielli / Verdi / Puccini / Stolz / Millöcker / Mackeben / Lehar / Sjögren / Nielsen / Kilpinen

CDA-1811/12 CDA 1811/12-2 Siv Wennberg - A Great Primadonna - Vol.8 New Year's Concert - Songs with piano

Peterson-Berger / Grieg / Sibelius / Puccini / Wolf / Strauss / Rangström / Strauss / Beethoven / Kjerulf / Gounod / Adam / Wagner

New release for November, 2015
CDA-1699 CDA 1699-2 Solveig Wikman: Fanny Hensel

Zwölf Clavierstücke von Fanny Hensel geb. Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Für Felix / Vier römische Klavierstücke

CDS-1099/1100 CDS 1106-2 Richardo Castro - Piano Concerto

Concierto para Piano y Orquesta, Concierto para Violoncello y Orquesta, Oithona (Poema Sinfonico)
Orq. Sin. de San Luis Potosi - Jose Miramontes Zapata / Rodolfo Ritter, piano / Vladimir Sagaydo, cello

New release for October, 2015
CDA-1804/05 CDA 1804/05-2 Siv Wennberg - A Great Primadonna - Vol.5 Arias and Songs with Orchestra

Mascagni / Puccini / Verdi / Weber / Beethoven / Rangström / Sibelius / Stenhammar / Schubert / Grieg / Strauss / Mahler / Rossini

New release for Juli, 2015
CDA-1802/03 CDA 1802/03-2 Siv Wennberg - A Great Primadonna - Vol.6 Verdi - Un ballo in maschera

Siv Wennberg - Amelia / Nicolai Gedda - Gustaf / Loa Falkman - Holberg / Jerker Arvidsson - Greve Clas Horn /
Sten Wahlund - Ankarström / Anders Bergström - Matts / Ann-Christin Biel - Otto / Inger Blom - Ulrica /
Kungliga Hovkapellet - Eri Klas

New release for March, 2015
CDS-1099/1100 CDS 1099/1100-2 Joachim Raff - World's End

Overture to Promethus Unbound WoO. 14A, Incident music to the drama Bernhard von Weimar WoO. 17, Orchestral Intermezzi from the Oratorio World's end - Judgement - New World Op.212.
Göteborg Operaorkester conducted by Henrik Schaefer.

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