Torsten Mossberg: Kurt Weill - A portrait - from Berlin to New York

        Kurt Weill

Kurt WeillEAN: 7393338182023                     Performer:
        Torsten Mossberg
        Kia Nyberg
        Karin Hultenberger
        Stina Hellberg Agback
        Curt Hedlund
        Anders Karlqvist
        Lars-Olof Noréens trio
        Jan Bergnèr
        Hasse Larsson

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CDA 1820/21-2 Kurt Weill: A portrait - from Berlin to New York

Kurt Weill was a completely groundbreaking composer in that he, along with Bertolt Brecht developed the characteristic cabaret style (Song) inspired by the American jazz music, minstrel shows and vaudeville with influences from Jewish klezmer music. Tango often played a major role, even in his operas. Often Weill sought after a Verfremdungseffekt, by using odd chords for the key, achieving a kind of desolation and unpleasant feeling. In the 1920s, his songs often sung by an actor. The perfomance was often characterized as Sprechgesang, recitative, helping the message to carry over the ramp. Lotte Lenya, Kurt Weill's wife, was a very successful actress with strong charisma but with an almost unlovely voice. She came to survive her husband by over 30 years and was his best ambassador. When Weill came to Paris he changed his style. The songs then had a softer image. When he later came to New York he toned down some of the characteristic cabaret style in favor of a more Broadway-customed style. Nevertheless, there remain elements of Hebrew flavour and typical Weill touches in these songs. Many of these are now considered to belong to The American Songbook. On this recording we have strived to portray the musical development of Kurt Weill, from Berlin to Broadway, from 1928 to 1950, and have selected songs that are characteristic for each period. Torsten Mossberg

  • Kurt Weill (1900-1950)
    Die Dreigroschenoper
    - I. Ballade vom angenehmem Leben

    - II. Ballade von der sezuellen Hörigkeit
    - III. Pimps Ballad
    - IV. SeeräuberJenny
    - V. Lied von der Unzulanglichkeit
    - VI. Zweites Dreigroschenfinale: Wovon lebt der Mensch

    Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny
    - Alabama Song

    Happy End
    - Bilbao Song

    Das Berliner Requiem
    - Zu Potsdam unter den Eichen

    - Muschel von Margate

    French Songs
    - I. Je ne t'aime pas
    - II. Complainte de la Seine

    The Eternal Road
    - Song of Ruth

    Knickerbocker Holiday
    - I. It Never Was You
    - II. September Song

    Lady In The Dark
    - I. My Ship
    - II. This Is New

    One Touch Of Venus
    - I. Foolish Heart
    - II. Speak Low

    Street Scene
    - Lonely House

    Love Life
    - Here I'll Stay

    Lost In The Stars
    - I. The Little Gray House

    - II. Thousands Of Miles
    - III. Stay Well
    - IV. Lost In The Stars

    Huckleberry Finn
    - Apple Jack

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