Boldemann, Laci (1921-1969) Black is white . said the Emperor

        Laci Boldemann
BoldemannEAN: 7393338111122                     Performer:
        Sven Nilsson
        Gunilla Slättegård
        Laila Andersson
        Tord Slättegård
        Conny Söderstrom
        Paul Höglund
        Sven Erik Vikström
        Sven-Erik Jacobsson
        Gunnar Drago
        Per Åke Andersson

        Back cover

CDO 1111/12-2 Laci Boldemann: Black is white - said the Emperor (A faitytale opera in a prelude and two acts) Hovkapellet - Operakören, Operabaletten - Per Åke Andersson
The Opera takes place in the orient at the beginning of the Christian era, that is around the time when the
three wise men went out in search of a star. Black is White, said the Emperor was performed successfully at
the Swedish Royal Opera in the mid nineteen sixties. It is a complete opera for children and families,
which came to stay on the repertoire for three whole years. The libretto is the biggest piece of writing
for the stage by the Swedish author and renowned poet Lennart Hellsing.
It is a fairy tale opera for both children and adults and as such an odd phenomenon on the Swedish opera
stage, as well as internationally. Along with Engelbert Humperdinck's Hansel and Gretel, which is also
intended for an entire opera evening, Black is White, said the Emperor is one of very few existing real
family operas. It consists of two acts with intermission and was composed for an orchestra of 27 musicians, a choir,
a ballet corps and ten soloists. In other words it is a real opera without the economical compromises that so often
follow suit when a musical performance is intended for younger listeners.
The present recording of Black is White, said the Emperor is the only complete recording known to exist.
It was made at the Royal Opera House at the very first performance on 1 January 1965.

Emperor - Sven Nilsson, bass
The Boy - Gunilla Slättegård, soprano
The Princess - Laila Andersson, soprano
The Prince - Tord Slättegård, tenor
The doctor - Conny Söderstrom, tenor
The fool - Paul Höglund, baritone
The runner - Sven Erik Vikström, tenor
Security Guard - Sven-Erik Jacobsson, bas
Printer - Gunnar Drago, tenor
Hovkapellet - Operakören, Operabaletten - Per Åke Andersson
Josef Grünfarb, violin solo
Karl-Erik Welin, organ
Electric music - Karl-Otto Valentin

    Laci Boldemann (1921-1969)

    Black is white . said the Emperor

  • Preludium - Act 1
    ...Innaför murarna härskar en ondsint kejsare.....

    ...Natten närmar sig. Det mörknar.........

    ...Pojken börjar drömma, om prinsessan och prinsen...

  • Act 2
    ...prinsessan sjunger om ett hjärta...

    ...Medans doktorn fräsande far till väders i buren...

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