Novosax, Great composers for Mimmo - Works for Saxophone

        Sergio Rendine
        Luis Bacalov
        Lorenzo Ferrero
        Cecilia Chailly
        Marco Tutino
        Giovanni d'Aquila
        Marco Betta
        Ennio Morricone
        Nicola Piovani
        Giovanni Sollima

        L'Aquila Abruzzo TV

NovosaxEAN: 7393338181729                     Performer:
        Mimmo Malandra

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CDA 1817-2 Novosax, Great composers for Mimmo - Works for Saxophone

The saxophone, being a modern instrument, has a very recent musical literature that covers all the 20th century, which includes all the new compositive languages and stimulates the composers’ creativity. All the compositions included in the project show various expressive, technical and stylistic skills of the soprano saxophone. They sum up different musical languages, that vary from the typical classical style to the contemporary one, from the evocative music to the cinematographic one, following each composer’s specific characteristics.

  • Sergio Rendine
    - Cantus

  • Luis Bacalov
    - Tanghitudes 4

  • Lorenzo Ferrero
    - Country life

  • Cecilia Chailly
    - Il mio lago

  • Marco Tutino
    - The game is soft

  • Giovanni d'Aquila
    - Zona 167

  • Marco Betta
    - Canto dell'Alba

  • Ennio Morricone
    - Notturno e passacaglia

  • Nicola Piovani
    - La melodia sospesa

  • Giovanni Sollima
    - Spasimo framents

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