Peterson-Berger, Wilhelm: The Doomsday Prophets

        Wilhelm Peterson-Berger
CDO1069EAN: 7393338106920                     Performer:
        Michael Samuelson
        Solveig Faringer
        Thomas Sunnegårdh
        Allmänna Sången
        Orpheus Drängar
        Robert Sund
        Swedish Radio SO
        Ulf Söderblom

        Back cover

CDO 1069-2 Wilhelm Peterson-Berger (1867-1942), Domedagsprofeterna (The Doomsday Prophets) - Excerpts. Mikael Samuelsson, Solveig Faringer, Thomas Sunnegårdh a.o., Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ulf Söderblom.

This CD takes its material from a remarkable radio performance in 1984 with excerps from the opera. Lars Runsten was responsible for the radio adaptation and Ulf Söderblom, doyen of Finish Opera since many years back was the conductor. The Peterson-Berger opera takes place among students at the Uppsala University during the heydays of Swedish imperialism around 1640. P-B has made a stunningly comical opera, rich in melody and orchestration, extremely well sung by several great Swedish opera singers. The beautiful and poetic Aubade sung by Mikael Samuelson became wellknown during Peterson-Bergers life time as well as the orchestral fugue -again masterly conducted by Ulf Söderblom.

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