Byström, Oscar: Symphony in D minor and other works

        Oscar Byström

1025EAN: 7393338102526                     Performer:
        Carlos Spierer
        Gävle SO

        Back cover

CDS 1025-2 Oscar Byström (1821-1909): Symphony in D minor; Andantino; Overture in D major; Overture to "Herman Vimpel"; Concert Waltzes 1 & 3. Gävle Symphony Orchestra conducted by Carlos Spierer.

Here is a true gem. Berwald fans should devour this colleague. Just listen to the first piece. An Albinoni adagio, Swedish style! Selected a top Classical CD in BBC music magazine!

    Oscar Byström (1821-1909)

  • Andantino D minor
  • Overture D major

  • Overture to the operetta 'Hermann Vimpel'
  • Symphony in D major
    - Allegro
    - Andante
    - Allegro molto e finale
  • Valse pour grand orchestra No.1 A major
  • Valse pour grand orchestra No.3 E major

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