Söderman, August: Orchestral music

        August Söderman
CDS1040EAN: 7393338104025                     Performer:
        Norrlandoperan SO
        Roy Goodman

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CDS 1040-2 August Söderman (1832-1876): Swedish Folksongs & Folk Dances; Bellman Melodies; Zohrab; Concert Overture in F, etc. Symphony Orchestra of Norrlands Opera conducted by Roy Goodman.

A charming collection of August Söderman's music. He holds a place in many Swedish hearts. His music is heard at special occations like weddings and ceremonial gatherings. His music is folksy, with a somewhat idyllic nature. He had a real gift for melody -but did not find time or possibility to write big orchestral music. Still much recommended.

    August Söderman (1832-1876)

  • Concert Overture F major
  • Zohrab
  • The wedding at Ulfåsa
    - Wedding march
  • King Karl XV's Funeral march
  • A sailor's life - Intermezzo
  • Burlesque

  • Swedish folk-songs and Folk-dances
    - Lento
    - Vivace
    - Poco lento
    - Allegro
    - Andante
    - Allegro con forza
    - Adagio
    - Allegro risoluto
  • Ceremonial Polonaise
  • Bellman melodies
    - Vila vid denna källa
    - Hör klockorna med ängstlig dån
    - I januari månad,Gutår!
    - Fjäriln vingad syns på Haga
    - Se menigheten, hör på trumpeten
    - Undan ur vägen, se hur profossen
  • Die Jungfrau von Orleans
    - Overture

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